If you love chocolate and mint mixed together, here's some good news! McDonald's is introducing a Chocolate Shamrock shake, and a bunch of additional shamrock-infused beverages to its drink menu.

Imagine:  Girl Scouts Thin Mints cookies in the form of a shake!

Diabetes be damned. I give it two thumbs up. And two toes up while I still can.

(Mine, pictured on the right, may look a little funny, but I hate whipped cream. Despise it, actually. Throw shade at me all day long, whipped cream is the devil.)

Consumerist reports that the new Shamrock lineup is only available for a limited time, and may not be available everywhere. Here's the rundown:

Original Shamrock Shake: This year, McDonald’s is adding green-colored sugar crystals on top of the whipped cream, because the shake didn’t already have enough sugar.

Chocolate Shamrock Shake: The bottom half is chocolate, the top half is mint, it has green sugar crystals and chocolate syrup, and it’s presumably delicious.

Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe: A mocha frappe with added Shamrock Shake syrup.

Shamrock Hot Chocolate and Shamrock Mocha: These are the regular McCafé menu hot chocolate and mocha beverages, but with shamrock shake syrup added.

And hey, if you're feeling adventurous, you can make your own shamrock shakes at home. This DIY video will get you started.


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