Max was born at Hurley Children's Hospital in Flint, and his family knows first hand about the miracles that happen at Hurley.

You would never know it by looking at Max now, but he was in the NICU at Hurley Children's Hospital. Max was born premature, and had to be in the NICU for nearly 10 days after being born. The miracle workers at Hurley Children's Hospital took care of Max and his family during that time, and Max has always been working on ways to help them ever since.

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You can hear Max's miracle story below.

Max and his family decided that with the hot muggy weather we've had lately that they would have a lemonade stand. Normally that would involve a lemonade stand and customers coming by in person to buy a refreshing glass . . . not during a pandemic though.

Max talked to his parents about what they could do, and the idea of a virtual lemonade stand fundraiser was born. You can click here to donate to Max's lemonade stand and help the kids at Hurley.

You'll hear more about Max's story during the Let's Make Miracles Radiothon coming September 16th & 17th. Listening to Max's parents Liz and Ron will undoubtedly show you why Hurley Children's Hospital is such a special place. Their story is unique because Liz felt such a strong connection to Hurley that she quit her job to start working at Hurley. The crazy part is that this was before any of the health issues with Max!

You can listen to Max and his family talk about the lemonade stand fundraiser below. Hopefully you're able to help out buy donating, but if you can't, please take a moment and share the fundraiser to your friends.



Today Max and his parents came to the Let's Make Miracles radiothon to present a check for $1,165 that he raised on his lemonade stand.


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