Are you still seeing signs that say masks are quired?

We ran errands this weekend and observed that a few stores are still asking customers to wear masks.

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Our church requires that masks be worn at one Sunday morning service but not the other.

Why is this?

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Rules be damned

I'm not a rule-breaker but frankly, I have absolutely had my fill of mask-wearing. And in this case, I'm choosing to overlook your little sign.

In May, the Centers for Disease Control released its new guidelines for those of us who are two weeks beyond having our final COVID-19 vaccine, saying that we can forgo the mask indoors.

I got the vaccine as soon as my age group was eligible for it in April.

And now I can shop at one grocery store without a mask while I have to wear it inside another? Um, no.

And I can attend church at 10:30 am without a mask but I have to wear it if I decide to go at 8:30 am? Sorry, God, but I'm gonna have to go with the CDC's ruling on this one.

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(Obviously, there are some exceptions like healthcare facilities and public transportation, and I'll gladly adhere to these rules.)

Up on my soapbox for just a moment

Don't get me wrong, I was never an anti-masker. There was science behind mask mandates and I gladly complied.

But now the science indicates that those of us who are fully vaccinated are virtually immune to coronavirus and there is very little chance that we'll spread the disease to someone else.

I did my part.

If you've gotten the vaccine, you've done your part, right?

I'll see your face at the store. Your whole face.

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