Blondie's Best Cheescake Ever has a new twist on March Madness this year.

March usually means spring is on the way, St. Patrick's Day, and March Madness. As much as I love all three, I live for filling out my March Madness bracket each year and the thrill of the chase that comes along with it.

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Now, there's a whole new bracket in town, and this one is sooooo sweet...literally. This bracket is all about that delicious, yummy, dessert we all love...cheesecake.

Blondie's Best Cheesecake Ever is giving you a shot to win one of their amazing family sized  cheesecakes with their Cheesecake Bracket. All you need to do to win is fill out their special bracket filled with all of their yummy selections.

The challenge may seem easy, but with flavors like Turtle, Butterscotch, Cookies & Cream, and Cherry Chocolate Chip, you may find this a tough one. Choosing may be harder than picking the right collegiate team for the Sweet 16.

Taking part in this "Cheesecake Madness" is easy. Head on over to the Blondie's Best Cheesecake Ever Facebook page and screenshot the bracket. ( You can also find it below). Fill out your selections and send a snapshot to Blondie's. Voting begins next Friday in their Instagram stories.

Blondie's Best Cheesecake Ever is located at 9061 Miller Rd. in Swartz Creek. They offer Cheesecake by the slice, Family-size cheesecakes, and Pre-cut wholesale cheesecakes.

You can also enjoy a slice at Blondie's Food & Spirits on W. Hill Rd.

In my opinion, if you're going to fill out a March Madness bracket this year, why not go with one that pays off in the best tasting way ever!

Blondie's Best Cheesecake Ever Bracket


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