Earlier this month, a 31-year-old prison guard from Bradford, Pennsylvania got into a drunken fight with his wife over his affair.  During the altercation, Alfredo Malespini tried to take off his wedding ring, but couldn't get it off his finger. Then he had a brilliant idea, grabbing his gun and shooting the ring off his finger.

Spoiler alert... that was a really bad idea.  Alfredo ended up blowing off most of his finger and, believe it or not, the ring stayed on the mangled stump that was left.  He was taken to the hospital, but there's no word as to whether or not the doctors were able to reattach or repair his finger.

Alfredo was also arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment. He'll make his first court appearance next week.  I guess the good news is if he ends up in prison, he'll know everyone!