Why is it that fast food seems to be at the center of so many 911 calls? History, and a bunch of great stories, tell us that a lot of people have been arrested after calling emergency services to report problems with Burger King, McDonald's, Subway and Hardee's.

In this particular case, Gregory Jackson Sr. didn't want to even mess with the fast food folks, he just called 911 and asked them to do the dirty work and deliver the cheeseburger to him. When they failed to deliver, he called again!

When it didn't come, he called again. Nine times in all. The dispatcher, despite being annoyed by all the calls thought that perhaps the man was in dire need of food, so they dispatched police to his apartment.

As it turns out, when police arrived, they found that Jackson wasn't starving, He wasn't arrested for the 911 calls, but he did get locked up for the outstanding warrants. I guess he needs to order a burger from the jail's chef now.