This is a very sad story, but it does have a happy ending. This is just another example of the effects of a divorce, not only does it hurt the children; it hurts the pets as well. Read the complete story after the jump.

Paul Wu was pulling his car out of the driveway and saw the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel with a bag hanging around the dogs neck, carrying money and a note that read:

"Please take care of Mr. B. He is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Six years old. My parents got divorced and Mr. B was supposed to go to the pound. I think he has a better chance with you.  This is my birthday money for any of his care. He is used to kids, not other dogs.  He’s a good boy.  I know God will take care of Mr. B – Everyone loves him … especially me. Thank you.”

The happy ending came when Paul took the little dog to work where a co-worker fell in love with Mr. B and adopted him. To meet Mr.B check out the video below.