I fell for it so I want to make sure that YOU do NOT.

This made the rounds today and the "story" is actually three years old. It was published in 2016 on a satirical site called thevalleyreport.com.

The story claims that the woman won $3 million on a lottery ticket on a Friday night and then, on Monday morning, left a present for her boss on his desk. According to the over-the-top story, he actually walked in on her dropping said deuce.

At first glance, we should have been able to tell that it's garbage, but it was fun to read. And then it got shared and within minutes, a fake story from 2016 had started making the rounds on a Friday morning in September 2019.

The mugshot is a woman who was arrested in 2014 for having hypodermic needles on elementary school premises.

Satire is hard; I love The Onion and The Babylon Bee but I also try to be aware before I share. Take a minute before you click.

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