The first rehearsal will be on January 30th at Woodside Church's temporary location and is open to EVERYONE.

If you know anything about the running community here in Flint, you know who Dorie Barkey is. She's like everybody's running coach. She's been an inspiration to me for the last few years, and I'm so excited about this new project she's taking on, in honor of her late son.

John Bradford Bohl, who was originally from Flint, passed away last summer at the young age of 37 after a prestigious musical career in cities like New York and Washington D.C., where he was an organist at the National Cathedral.

One of the last things he communicated with his mom, Dorie, was that he wanted to start an LGBT community choir here in Flint, and that's exactly what she's doing in his memory.

Thank you to David, Dorie and Brian for coming in this morning.

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