Big thanks to Kelli, Stephanie and Timber for coming in this morning!

Most people probably don't think that certain dog breeds need rescues devoted to them - and Siberian Huskies are no different. Why on EARTH would anybody give up their husky??

A lot of people who purchase huskies don't realize how much work they can be. They're famous escape artists (hence the name Hairy Houdini), they can run fast and require a lot of exercise. Sadly, some people have to surrender them because of this after welcoming them into their homes.

The Hairy Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue is a GREAT organization (who will also be at our adoption event this Saturday at Skaff), and they've got a super fun event coming up called Raise the Woof. $35 per ticket gets you a delicious dinner and a hilarious night of comedy!

Courtesy of hairy houdini siberian husky rescue
Courtesy of hairy houdini siberian husky rescue

For more info, check out their website! Thanks again, ladies!