It was Sunday, January 12, 2014 that residents of Grand Blanc and Mundy Townships lost a local favorite.  Canton Restaurant burned to the ground after a fire started in their kitchen.  The owners planned to rebuilt as soon as possible, and things are finally coming together.

I often take Fenton Road between Hill and Maple, and have seen the site transform from the morning of the fire when the firefighters were trying to control the blaze, to the next day when there was still smoke rising from the ashes. Since then, the remaining structure has been fenced in.

I'm sure it's been a long 10 months for the owners waiting. They waited for demolition crews removed the charred rubble, waited for the site to be prepped for the rebuild, and now that waiting is about to payoff.  The building is almost done, and there is a sign out front promoting that they are set to reopen soon.

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