If you can be anything today, be like Grant.

As I was perusing social media on Saturday morning while sipping my coffee, I came across this post:

My first thought was, "Who is this guy and how can I give him a virtual fist bump? Is he out there again today?"

Social media is an amazing place - didn't take more than a few questions and clicks to find out that this guy's name is Grant.

Grant is a proud Meijer team member. He's also admitted that, in so many words, he's done some things in the past that he's not particularly proud of, but he's trying to atone by being a better person. And that's he's been out on the corner of M-15 and Lapeer Road in Davison, for multiple days, peacefully protesting by himself and trying to spread the love.

It speaks volumes that this is all you need to do to get your message across nowadays. So many people go over the top in the hopes of being noticed, and then there's Grant. He's just hanging out on the corner with a homemade sign, showing his love and solidarity.

Huge thanks to Grant for sending us the above video and being honest and true to yourself. The world needs more people like you, especially right now. Keep doing what you do; you're making a lot of people smile.

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