It's beautiful to see, and a landmark in the busy downtown area of Fenton, Michigan. As of now, the clock tower basically stands silent except for twice a day, but that is about to change thanks to one local jeweler.

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According to a Facebook post by the current owners, the infamous bell tower clock atop of the Fenton Fire Hall is finally getting some much needed help to restore itself to all its glory. The post reads;

"Since we took possession of the Fenton Fire Hall some nine years ago; the bell tower clock has only told the tone twice each day! During the restoration and behind, we searched high and low for someone with the know how to put gears back in motion. It turns out the knowledge was in our backyard all along!!!"

Turns out right in their backyard meant non other than jeweler and business owner Ronny Medawar, owner of Medawar Jewelers. Medawar posted to social media their excitement in helping the clock tone once again.

"We are excited to be commissioned by Union Joints to make the Fenton Fire Hall clock tower come alive again!! We have begun our assessment of this beautiful Fenton, Michigan landmark in hopes to complete it within a few months."

Photo: Courtesy of Ronny Medawar
Photo: Courtesy of Ronny Medawar

The jeweler noted that they are working on the original inner workings that we will preserve as Ronny Medawar starts making adjustments and taking measurements for the new inner movement additions. Medawar's has been experienced clock and watch makers since 1920, and have built, assembled and serviced thousands of clocks around the world...and now right in the town of Fenton.

Although the fire hall was opened in 1938, the clock was from the original hall.That hall was built in 1875, and a (secondhand) clock was installed, for $750 in 1876 and moved to the new hall.

There is no official date as to when the clock will be back to life, but we will be sure to keep you up to date right here at

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