Taking the term "Sunday Funday" to a new level.

On Sunday, August 30th, several local groups of volunteers came together to clean up the downtown Flint area.

Facebook user and member of The What's Up Downtown project posted the following on social media along with pictures:

Spending a Sunday evening cleaning up Downtown is so good for the soul. Even though I know how hands-on & deeply community oriented this city is it will always warm my heart to see y'all turn out!
Thanks to the Whats Up Downtown Flint Project, Cafe Rhema, KGCB, Year Round Running Club, premier security (they came to clean!), and our resident volunteers that all pitched in to help make this happen + pave the way for a great Monday for our Downtown. We had:
27 people show up over two hours
4 were kids)
5 ppl pull over to absorb the tunes
we hauled out 13 garbage bags
swept a whole lot 🔥
Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

If you read the comments, other groups came together to help as well - the Flint Year-Round Running and Walking Club met up at Cafe Rhema and spent three hours cleaning up as well.

It speaks volumes that there are groups of people who will take their day off to clean up our downtown area. If you'd like to keep up with the schedule of downtown events, including cleanups, you can follow the calendar for Whatsup Downtown Flint by clicking HERE.

Thank you to everybody who participated and made our city more beautiful than it already is!

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