Cars 108 kicked off the Let's Make Miracles Happen Radiothon for Hurley Childrens's Hospital today. The two day event will focus on raising funds and sharing  the stories of those families who have their lives touched by Hurley in some way.

Whether it's the parents of premature twins, the little boy diagnosed with leukemia, or the mom of a 14oz miracle, the stories are unique and special to every parent of a "Hurley Kid".

I myself have a Hurley story to tell, but I realize how blessed I am knowing it could have been a much more serious circumstance. When you hear stories of parents leaving the hospital without their newborns you tend to rethink the issues that seemed bigger than they truly were.

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Just a few days before my youngest daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday, she started pulling at her ear and crying on and off. I took her to the ER where they cultured her ear and gave her some antibiotics with advice to see her pediatrician the next day... her birthday.

Once at the doctors her fever had gotten higher and she was crying in pain. The drainage had increased to the point of literally dripping. We were sent to Hurley were she was admitted. What a way to spend a birthday.

Between the pain and just being plain scared, my daughter was miserable and I was scared. The nurses and staff took right over to calm my little girl while they started IV's and administered meds as they got both of us settled into her room ( I wasn't going anywhere and they knew it).

Once all the "usual" procedures and admitting vitals were done we heard a knock on the door. The nurses and staff realized it was my daughters birthday. They came walking in with a gift,  and a cake! They sang to a now calmer,  yet sleepy girl,  and brought a little smile to her face... and a big one mine.

We spent 5 days battling an ear infection that was vicious and invasive, but were blessed to bypass any need for surgery. The staff at Hurley made sure to ease my worries and provide the most incredible care. They continued to keep me updated and advised me on steps that may need to be taken the entire time. The nurses also went above and beyond with bringing me food, towels, and making my "home away from home" comfortable.

I will never forget how wonderful Hurley Children's Hospital was to my family, and how important the extras are to so many others in our community with children needing special medical care at Hurley.

Please donate today by texting HURLEY to 51555 or donate on our website. You just never know when it will be your child that needs Hurley.

Footnote: My daughter is now 21, and will graduate in May from MSU. She will be a high school English teacher.


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