NBC News has not confirmed that Lester Holt is "trying out" for the position, but there are rumors that Brian Williams will not be returning to the newscast.

Lester Holt, who already hosts 'Weekend Nightly News,' 'Weekend Today' and 'Dateline,' has subbed for almost every anchor at the network, including Brian Williams back in 2013. But now that Williams is "taking a break" from the newscast, it appears as though Holt might be his successor.

This all comes after the #BrianWilliamsMisremembers scandal last week, when Brian Williams admitted that he lied about an experience he had during the war in Iraq. He claimed that he was in a helicopter, covering the war, when the chopper was struck down by enemy fire. He's been telling the story for years, and the truth is that he was in the helicopter behind the one that was shot down. At least he wasn't on a beach in Hawaii, right?

Williams is taking a break as the firestorm of reaction continues. Personally, I think that firing him would be an overreaction. People are so quick to take down those in the media nowadays. Not just take them down, but squash them under their shoe. Is this really worth it? There are "news" men and women on the 24 hour networks who fib all the time, just to fill time with stories. And we're gonna go after Brian Williams? I don't know; I think we should give him a break. What do you think?

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