There's a LOT of leftover food when you're feeding 18,000 athletes, coaches and officials in the Olympic village. 

Italian chef Massimo Bottura has decided to do something about all of the wasted food - he's started Refettorio Gastromotiva, a restaurant in Rio that cooks up the leftovers into something nice and serves it to the hungry and homeless. Chefs from South and Central America have come to the restaurant to help, and there's a ton of volunteers, ready to serve.

"It is about more than feeding people. We want to rebuild the dignity of people. We want people to walk in and say: ‘Wow! They are serving us?’ We want them to see what food can be. We already see it every night here. They are shaking their heads," Bottura said.

Agreed - when are we going to start doing this outside of the Olympics? :)

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