If you've always wanted to learn how to luge but had no idea where to start. I'm happy to tell you that there's a place in western Michigan that will literally teach you how. The Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park offers luge lessons every weekend.

The Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park luge track is one of only four luge tracks in the United States. According to their website, it's the only kunstbahn track (German for artificial track) made from natural ice and not refrigerated.

Their track is 850ft and was designed by three-time Olympian Frank Masley. You'll hit speeds of 30 MPH while twisting and turning around its six curves.

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What Will You Learn?

The instructors at Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park will teach you about the fundamentals, equipment, and how to steer and stop the luge sled. The majority of your session will be all about free sliding before a friendly competition where the fastest sliders will win a gold, silver, or bronze medal.

You must be at least 48 inches tall and a minimum of 65 lbs in order to get a lesson.

What Does it Cost to Learn to Luge?

For $55 you'll get a 2.5 hours session, instructions, equipment, and slide time. It's $65 for holiday weekends and only $35 on Wednesdays.

Other winter activities at the park include ice skating and snowshoeing.

Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park is located at 462 North Scenic Dr. in Muskegon.

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