21 of the 22 dogs at the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society were adopted, except for Eastwood. 

He's a one-year-old red-coated lab who was found out in the cold, limping and almost blind. He has a rear-leg defect that could've been fixed after birth...if he had had good owners. He also has a condition where his eyelashes grow inward; he's had surgery to repair it and his vision is slowly improving. Shelter staff says the eye condition is what deterred people from adopting him.

After the BISSELL Pet Foundation's "Empty The Shelters" event last weekend, all but one dog was adopted from Little Traverse Bay - Eastwood was left, alone. He made the news as the last dog at the shelter, and Detroit Piston's coach Stan Van Gundy took notice. He says that his 17-year-old daughter was upset that they missed the event.

So, they made the drive and adopted him. Stan's wife Kim says that Eastwood "found them."

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