An elementary school math teacher in Lapeer has been nominated to win the Presidential Math and Science Award.

Stephanie Phillips teaches at Emma Murphy Elementary in Lapeer, and she is the teacher up for the very prestigious award. She is one of three Michigan teachers to be nominated for the 2020 awards. Normally the awards for 2020 would have already been given out, but with the pandemic everything has been delayed. Last year Michigan had two award winning teachers named.

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You can watch the video of the virtual 2019 awards presentation here.

There are 108 total awards given out each year, and each state normally has a minimum of 2 winners.

The PAEMST is more than just an award though, they are also a great resource for teachers. If you are a teacher, or even a parent that has been turned into a teacher during the pandemic, you should check them out. Their Facebook page is full of great resources, and projects for the classroom (even if the classroom is your living room.)

If Stephanie wins the award she will be recognized nationally during the awards ceremony. She will also get a trip to Washington DC where the organization puts on a series of learning events. The best part is that Stephanie would also get the $10,000 prize for winning! She will also get a Presidential Certificate, but I think we all know that $10k is where it's at.

We'll keep you updated if Stephanie ends up winning, and in the meantime, we're sending her good luck wishes!


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