School teachers and other licensed childcare program staff will now be eligible for the vaccine.

Today, Rite Aid announced that they will be expanding the eligibility for some in Michigan for the COVID-19 vaccine. Now, pre-K through high school educators, school staff, and licensed childcare program staff will be able to get it.

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This move is to comply with the HHS directive which hopes to have school staff and childcare workers vaccinated during the month of March. Rite Aid is now offering select appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine today and Friday, March 12th for qualifying educators, school staff, and licensed childcare program staff.

Teachers and school employees are cornerstones of our communities, and we truly appreciate all the hard work and dedication they continue to put into educating our children as we battle this pandemic," "In support of the HHS directive for provider partners to prioritize the vaccination of educators, school staff and licensed childcare staff, we are proud to do our part in protecting school communities and returning educators, staff and students safely back into classrooms. In-person learning is a critical step forward to help address mental health concerns and educational disparities for our most disadvantaged and vulnerable students. We continue to embrace our role in helping end the pandemic...said Jim Peters, Chief Operating Officer of Rite Aid. 

Right now in Michigan, Rite Aid is giving COVID-19 vaccines to people that are:

  • 50 years of age and older.
  • Pre-K through 12th-grade educators and staff.
  • Childcare workers.
  • Healthcare workers.
  • Long-term care facility residents and staff.
  • Pharmacy staff.
  • Public Health employees.

To learn more, click here. 

Source: Mid-Michigan Now

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