She just happened to be the granddaughter of one of our Love Court Live guests this weekend, and the proud grandpa told us all about her.

Her name is Isabellah Asaro. She had seen a YouTube video about a girl who did a fundraiser instead of a birthday party, and she really liked the idea. She had seen some homeless people on the street before and wondered how they got by...and decided to use her birthday to help.

She planned a bowling fundraiser at Gerlach's Bowling Center, where a portion of the proceeds from each game went to her charity of choice. Isabellah ended up donating $1,200 to The Refuge in Lapeer, and she's already started planning her 10th birthday party in May, which will be another bowling fundraiser.

You can keep up with her on her Facebook page and donate, too.

Way to go, Isabellah!

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