This is such a cool idea. Muir Funeral Home and Celebration of Life Center are going above and beyond for family and friends who have lost a loved one. The Imlay City funeral home is thinking completely out of the box and offering 'Grief Yoga'.

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So what is 'Grief Yoga' exactly? This practice combines many forms of yoga to help release grief to connect us to the gift of life. Anyone who has lost someone knows hows lost you feel, and may still feel. I know when my dad passed, I felt hollow and questioned everything from the meaning of life, to how to go on without him. I am tearing up just thinking about it. Everyone deals with grief differently (and that is okay), but definitely putting yourself into something positive and nurturing can only help with the grieving I would think.

Carrie Muir is the brainchild behind this awesome idea. I asked Carrie how she came up with it,

'I had recently started taking my daughters to yoga thinking it would be beneficial for them during their stressful teens years. I know how it helps me to focus on myself and my well being. Taking time for yourself can really work wonders. Then I started thinking that maybe yoga could help with grief.

After some research and speaking with a few super helpful and encouraging local instructors I put together an idea and a space that I hope will help people in our community that are experiencing loss and pain. I think that a class like this is a beautiful way to honor and remember your loved well as yourself.'

Carrie went on to tell me that with the opening of our their new funeral home (there is also a Romeo location), they finally had the space and atmosphere to implement some program ideas for the families she and her staff serve. Examples of other programs available are counseling for teens and children, art therapy and Christmas memorial craft workshops.

Today just so happens to the be the very first night of 'Grief Yoga'. After today, the class will be held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 5:30 PM and there is no charge. The classes will be taught by local yoga instructor, Cat Minolli at 2650 South Van Dyke Rd in Imlay City (former home of The Carpet Barn).

This really is the coolest idea I have heard in a long time. Way to go Carrie, thank you for providing 'Grief Yoga' and so much to our community. For additional information, see below.

Carrie Muir
Carrie Muir
Carrie Muir
Carrie Muir

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