It was a Christmas to remember for a Shiawassee County man who got a $100,000 gift this year, courtesy of the Michigan Lottery.

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Like a Kid on Christmas Morning

Todd Schroeder of Laingsburg matched four white balls and the Powerball in the December 25th (Christmas Day) drawing. The next morning when he saw that he had a six-figure prize pending, he leaped out of bed like a kid on Christmas morning. (Although it was technically the day after Christmas)

“When I saw a $100,000 prize pending, I jumped out of bed and started pacing the house. All I could think was: ‘Am I seeing this right?’" Schroeder tells the Michigan Lottery. "It took a few minutes for it to sink in that I had really won!”


Shiawassee County Man Doubles His Prize Money

Schroeder's winning ticket was worth $50,000, but thanks to the Power Play, his prize was doubled to $100,000.

“I play Powerball and Mega Millions a few times per month, and I always buy my tickets online,” said Schroeder. “I saw an email from the Lottery when I woke up the morning after the drawing, so I logged in to my account to see how much I’d won."

The 52-year-old says he plans to use some of the money to complete some car repairs and then save the rest.

“Winning is such a relief and is going to make life easier,” said Schroeder.


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