We've assembled a list of the 10 most dangerous roads to drive on when the weather gets bad and winter really bears down on Michigan.

Driving in The Mitten State is challenging and it's been said that if you learn to drive in Michigan during the winter, you'll be able to drive anywhere. One could make a case that driving anywhere in Michigan during winter sucks - and while that may be true, there are certain stretches of road in our state that are notably more dangerous than others.

Michigan's 'Basic Speed Law'

Did you know that drivers can be in violation of Michigan's 'Basic Speed Law' even if they're driving at or below posted speed laws? The law states that drivers are required to drive at "a careful and prudent speed not greater than nor less than is reasonable and proper, having due regard to the traffic, surface, and width of the highway and of any other condition existing at the time."

In other words, you can't legally drive faster than road conditions allow.

It's important to note that Michigan State Police attribute approximately 40% of all crashes that happen during Michigan's winter months to speed. They say drivers going too fast for road conditions is most-often the culprit.

Michigan's Worst Roads in the Winter and Other Statistics

Michigan Auto Law crunched the data, using five years worth of data from 2015 to 2019. The worst stretches of road are ranked according to the highest number of crashes during that period.

The 10 Most Dangerous Michigan Winter Roads

These are the 10 worst stretches of road during harsh Michigan winters.

Gallery Credit: George McIntyre

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