I remember how excited I was when I finally got the hang of riding a bike without training wheels for the first time. Finally being able to overcome the fear of falling and ending up with scrapes, cuts and bruises, and instead soaring in perfect balance while flying down the sidewalk was liberating! However, watching my oldest son, Ben, tackle this skill was even more exciting!

It seems like just yesterday he was learning to crawl then walk and babble then talk. It scares me to think that before I know it he will be driving a car, going off to college, and starting a family of his own. That's why as a parent, I do my best to cherish every achievement they make, no matter how big or small.

My daughter went to spend a few weeks with my folks in Florida this summer, and she was the first of my kids to fly in an airplane. She was so excited to fly above the clouds! When she got home, it seemed like she had aged two years instead of two weeks.

My youngest, Parker, had an accident last week and ended up with a pretty bad gash on his "chinny-chin-chin." It wasn't a small cut, no, it was a huge, gaping hole that took 11 stitches to close. I'm not proud of him for falling and cutting himself, but I am certainly proud of the way he handled himself. My little three-year-old is a trooper. He didn't cry at all when the stitches went in. He simply said in a very calm tone, "Ow, that hurts." when they were numbing his chin prior to stitching up.

My wife took him to the doctor to get the stitches out since I was working, and she told me how proud she was of him. I asked him how he did, and he replied, "Dada, I was very bwave!" (That's not a type-o, that's how he says brave.) He didn't cry or fuss... he was amazing!

Looking at my three kids and their accomplishments, I am so excited to see who they end up becoming as adults. But at the same time, a part of me wishes I could freeze them in time to cherish them the way they are right now forever.

The moral of the story is, enjoy your kids while they are kids, and let them be kids. They only get one shot at childhood. As their parents, it's our job to make sure they enjoy it to the fullest extent! So pull out some Play-Doh, grab some Legos, and read through a few Dr. Seuss books. Because while letting your kids be kids... you get to be a kid too!