Kelly Clarkson commands any stage on which she sings, but this weekend, she was commanded to get her cute butt off of one! What happened?!

Clarkson was performing at the opening of a Microsoft store in a Motor City suburb when she made it rain -- literally. The 'People Like Us' singer was caught in a torrential downpour!

The 'American Idol' alum tried to make the best of it, giggling to the crowd, "I'll stand out here in the rain with you! Well, at least we're not sweating!" However, despite being a great sport, authorities had Clarkson and Co. cut the performance short after just 20 minutes due to safety concerns.

In the video above, Clarkson actually gets a towel from a fan during 'Walk Away' before, well, walking away from the set.

Clarkson took to Twitter to apologize for cutting her set short:

Is this gal a pro or what?!