Katy Perry joined the festivities at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards all the way from the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena in England, where she put on a neon-packed performance of her latest single, ‘Birthday.’

Sporting a neon pink raincoat and a neon green wig, the ‘Prism’ singer started off the song with a fun dance number across the stage and down the catwalk, assisted by back-up dancers also decked out in neon costumes and wigs.

A lucky girl in the crowd holding a birthday poster caught the eye of KP, who brought her up on stage and put her in a decorated birthday throne. The set was impressive — the throne turned into a spinning birthday cake, surrounded by men in birthday-themed bodysuits showing off acrobatic moves along towering birthday candles.

We’re not sure which part of the performance was cooler — when the birthday girl pulled out her iPhone and Katy snapped a selfie of the two of them on stage, or when the ‘Dark Horse’ star was strapped to a collection of oversized balloons and flew out across the crowd. It was a fun, visually stunning look at the pop star’s Prismatic World Tour.

Take a look at Katy’s colorful ‘Birthday’ performance up above!

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