On Monday's season premiere of 'Kate Plus 8,' Kate Gosselin spots a guy from across the street while she was baking cupcakes at a local bakery. According to MSNBC -- the Gosselin kids have been begging their mom to get married again.

While brushing up on her baking skills, Kate spotted something "sweet" that caught her eyes: “At one point I looked up and there was a guy across the street, and he had really awesome sunglasses on, and he had, like, speckly hair that was, like, good hair,” she said.

Sending one of her "helpers" to fetch the guy that caught her eye, Kate said to the guy: “I saw you from across the street, and I decided to make a cupcake for you.”

The man was interested in the cupcake, with the stipulation that it was gluten free, Kate went back into the bakery and swapped out cupcakes to meet the guy's request. Upon talking to the guy, the camera crew asked if he knew who had offered him the cupcake -- the guy was clueless and really had no interest in learning about her.

Kate said at the end of the segment that she, "feeds enough people, I just can't do the dietary requirements."

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