Daytime TV's number one legal lady, Judge Judy made an appearance on Katie, with Katie Couric to talk about her career, turning seventy, and to reveal the fantastic figure she's been hiding under those robes! Details after the jump.

Judge Judy Sheindlin, who just kicked off her seventeenth season as a TV court show host has also just celebrated her 37th wedding anniversary and 70th birthday. She appeared recently on Katie, with Katie Couric, and very proudly showed the audience a picture taken on a family vacation this fall of a very lean, youthful figure showcased in a white halter top bikini! See the picture here. Her TV show is expected to run through 2015 and she has recently launched a website called What Would Judge Judy Say, where she offers advice on a variety of topics. She doesn't plan on retiring any time soon. "I feel terrific. I still love working." she says. "I still love being in the mix of things."

I love to watch Judge Judy on television. Is she one of your guilty pleasures too? How do you think she looks in the bikini?