He also says that the producers "twisted" the story and he won't take part in a second season.

Let's get this part out of the way - watch Tiger King on Netflix this weekend. Now, moving on...remember Johnathan Finlay? He was Joe Exotic's first husband and an employee at the GW Zoo.

His interviews in the documentary were...entertaining, to say the least. Not only was he shirtless for the majority of the film, but it was quite noticeable that he doesn't have a full set of pearly whites.

Netflix via YouTube
Netflix via YouTube

Finlay admits to using meth in the documentary but attributes his lack of teeth to a genetic defect, according to TMZ.

Anyways, aside from being without teeth and a shirt (which, he claims, was the producers' idea), Finlay isn't happy with the documentary, claiming that it was "twisted once; we won't let them twist it again."

He IS, however, happy with his new dentures, as shown on his Facebook page.


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