As a jockey, there are certain rules you should adhere to, namely, you should adhere to the horse on which you’re riding.

Alas, that basic Jockey 101 lesson was lost on this fella.

Lewis Ferguson is the hard-luck, apparently misinformed jockey who falls right off his horse as they approach a fence at full speed during a race in Britain.

They were in the lead when the accident happened and the horse somehow finished in third place.

We recommend watching the video again and not just because you’ll cringe once more (you will), but because if you look closely it sure looks like Ferguson is trying to get off the horse. That, or he had a nasty wedgie and figured that would be the perfect time to adjust himself.

Ferguson walks off on his accord, which is simply remarkable given the force of his fall. No word on the severity of his injuries or if he’ll race again anytime soon. If he does, may we suggest a seat belt?

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