Dear M-Dot and Genesee County Road Commission:

Traffic Lights are supposed to be timed/synced for maximum traffic flow.  While I'm not a civil engineer by trade, I am a nerd-enough to have googled how easy it is to fix traffic signal timing.  (Apparently there's a giant gray/silver box associated with every placement and possibly communication devices between lights & intersections to keep everything in sync.

Which brings me to the ask:  On behalf of all Grand Blanc and Flint area residents could you please (begging you) take a look at the lights along Saginaw Street from the Center Road intersection down to Grand Blanc High School (which has a special signal for school hours) and just beyond that to the Grand Mall?

Stop Sign on School Bus

Near Grand Blanc High School a signal turns green and short distance away the other immediately turns red -- that causes a long back-up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

While you're at it... would you mind taking a look at Miller Road, too?  From the I-75 junction all the way down to Linden Road, we know some adjustments could be made!  Making a left turn should not take four light cycles (which feels like 20 minutes).

We, the community, know it can be done. Take a look at all of the perfectly-timed "Michigan-Left" signals around the Detroit suburbs!  It works wonderfully!!

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Traffic light on street with red signal lit up

While you're in route to the signals around Grand Blanc and Flint, take notice of the condition of each road -- many need resurfacing. Would you kindly ask the resurfacing department to make a to-do list and get started?  We're not begging you to fix everything in one day.  Rather, please choose something to fix that will be noticeable and immediately appreciated by taxpayers all around Genesee County.  (Hint:  Saginaw Street in Grand Blanc could stand a resurfacing...same for Center Rd around the sharp-curve area south of Hill Road headed into Downtown Grand Blanc.  Fenton Road, too--pick a spot!)  It would be amazing to have a list of roads and signals you plan to fix (with a timeline).  Then, we could anticipate progress -- maybe even have a community standing ovation to thank you for hearing us and all of your hard work!

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