Do you live in one of the ten best places in Michigan?

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Home may be where the heart is, but according to Road Snacks, that is not a factor in determining the best Michigan towns and cities to live in.

The following data was used to determine the best places to live in Michigan,

  • Poverty Statistics
  • Crime Rates
  • Home Values
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Income
  • Number of Unemployed Residents
  • Population
  • Education Levels

Home Snacks verified results through FBI Crime Data, the United States Census Bureau, and Zillow.

Interestingly enough, seven places on the list of best places to live in Michigan, are also on a list of the 10 richest cities in Michigan. Is this proof that money does indeed buy happiness?

Genesee County is home to many great cities and towns, however, none made the list. That also goes for Lapeer County, Shiawassee County, and Livingston County.

So what Michigan counties made the list? Just three,

  • Wayne County
  • Oakland County
  • Kent County

Are you ready to see the list of the 10 best places to live in Michigan?

10 Best Places To Live In Michigan 2024

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Being recognized on a list like this is great for these 10 Michigan places. However, we think every Michigan resident knows there are most definitely more than 10 great places to live in the Great Lakes State.

If you are not a Michigan resident, it may be time to plan a trip. Here are ten places to visit when you plan your trip.

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