Which 10 Michigan counties dispense the most opioids?

It is not a secret that opioids are a huge problem, not only in Michigan, but in the United States as well. A study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that more cases of misuse and dependence on the drug happen in the counties that dispense the most, which makes a lot of sense.

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As defined by the CDC, opioids are "natural, synthetic, or semi-synthetic chemicals that interact with opioid receptors on nerve cells in the body and brain, and reduce the intensity of pain signals and feelings of pain."

Michigan Counties That Dispense the Most Opioids

According to stacker.com, these are the 10 counties where the most opioids are dispensed in Michigan:

  • #10 - Washtenaw County
    • Opioid Dispensing Rate: 70.2 per 100 people
  • #9 - Mecosta County
    • Opioid Dispensing Rate: 73.2 per 100 people
  • #8 - Genesee County
    • Opioid Dispensing Rate: 73.2 per 100 people
  • #7 - Ingham County
    • Opioid Dispensing Rate: 73.4 per 100 people
  • #6 - Crawford County
    • Opioid Dispensing Rate: 75.8 per 100 people
  • #5 - Ogemaw County
    • Opioid Dispensing Rate: 78.2 per 100 people
  • #4 - Saginaw County
    • Opioid Dispensing Rate: 80.2 per 100 people
  • #3 - Grand Traverse County
    • Opioid Dispensing Rate: 81.3 per 100 people
  • #2 - Emmet County
    • Opioid Dispensing Rate: 105.3 per 100 people
  • #1 - Otsego County
    • Opioid Dispensing Rate: 111.5 per 100 people

Those staggering numbers in Otsego County mean that they are 105% higher than the state average and 157.5% higher than the national average.

Michigan Counties that Dispense the Fewest Opioids

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Charlevoix County, Van Buren County, and Baraga County were the lowest on this list with Charlevoix County's Opioid Dispensing Rate at 35.1 per 100 people.

To see the complete list and see where your county lands on the list, click here. 

Source: Stacker.com

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