If you grow strawberries, you are probably already picking and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Literally. The strawberries you find in the grocery store are mostly a disappointment compared to the ones you find locally. They just taste so much better!


That's because the locally grown berries are allowed to ripen on the vine, enabling them to maximise their natural sweetness. The ones that are trucked in/flown in are picked before they ripen and just don't have that extra sweetness.

June is the month for strawberries in Michigan. You can find them at farmer's markets or pick your own at local berry farms.

Fortunately, the March thaw and April frost didn't affect the strawberry crop like it did other fruits in Michigan. So look for locally grown strawberries for the next few weeks and enjoy a tasty pleasure.

Strawberries are great for jam, pies and of course, shortcake! I have provided a link with lots of good information on growing, picking and preserving strawberries. It is a berry good time of year when the strawberries come in!

If you're looking for delicious, locally-grown berries, you can find them here: http://www.bigelowsfarm.com/Strawberries.html