If there's a gross video on social media, we're obviously going to try to recreate it.

And then, other people started trying it and posting it to social media.

It should go without saying that we were intrigued. We love strawberries in our house, so we had to do it for ourselves.

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We saw the TikTok video that’s gone viral and wanted to check our own strawberries. #strawberrybugs #strawberries

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The only thing left at the bottom of the bowl when I rinsed off the strawberries was dirt. It's important to remember to wash them off, otherwise, you'll be tasting saltberries. Doesn't take much; a quick coldwater rinse should do it.

Experts say that the bugs in the video are not dangerous to ingest and that we've been dining on extra protein in our veggies and fruits for years.

Weirdest feeling ever - being disappointed that there are NO bugs in your fruit. Still a great reminder to wash everything, though. The bottom of the bowl looked like a sandbar.

There's your daily dose of EWWWWWWWWWWW! You're welcome. Now, wash your produce.

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