My question is...did he check the cat's grave AFTER it came back?

This just blows my mind and I have so many questions.

A guy from Bay City left for work on Monday and said goodbye to his black cat, Loki. Later in the day, he found a black cat dead in the road near his girlfriend's house. He said that it had the same markings and patches of missing fur as Loki, so he assumed that his fur baby had been hit by a car.

A Bay County deputy drove by and gave him an evidence bag to use for the cat. They took Loki to his girlfriend's house and buried him in the backyard.

The next morning, he went to his dad's house to tell him about the cat...only to be interrupted by a cat's meow. Yes, it was Loki. His cat. Back from the dead...or was he?

They're assuming that the cat they buried was somebody else's and that Loki is, in fact, alive and not a zombie cat.

Here's my question - did they check the other cat's grave and make sure he's still in there? Because cats coming back to life is a real thing that HAS happened.

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