This means it's summer. Even if it's 10 degrees below what 'normal' is this time of year and regardless of what the calendar says, opening weekend marks the official unofficial beginning of summer. And if you're a Michigan resident, Cedar Point has a deal for you.

The Michigan Super Saver includes Cedar Point admission, parking, and unlimited drinks for $39.99 (for one person) for one day. The two-day price is 79.99 and includes admission to Cedar Point Shores Waterpark.

Click here to read the fine print.

My Cedar Point personal anecdote:  My boys were 9 when we planned a trip to Cedar Point. They spent about a week watching YouTube videos of the rides and planning which rides they'd go on. They talked a good game. The plan was to start out on something like the Corkscrew and work their way up to Top Thrill Dragster. (It may have been the newest coaster at the time.)

At that tender age, they had not anticipated how much 'thrill' there really was in thrill rides. They went on their first ride that day and then decided to rethink the strategy for the remainder of the day.


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