Yep, today is the day. I'm 36 years-old and I feel pretty good about it.

After starting my day, with a ton of Facebook notifications that my freinds have flooded my page with birthday wishes and walking into work with way too many cupcakes on my desk from my co-workers, this birthday is starting to be pretty awesome.

I have to admit, typically, I'm not too jazzed about getting older. I sometimes feel like I am getting closer to a time where I won't be able to do a lot of things. Might be "too old" for some of the things that I do. But, I have come to a realization. I am 36. I'm in good health. I stay active. I am overall happy with my life, and I am able to share it with friends. Not bad at all.

So, as I get back to thanking every single last person who wished me a happy birthday on Facebook, I want to thank you for taking the time to enjoy some of the wierdness I bring you on a daily basis. Also, know that it won't be stopping anytime soon and that it will only get better with age. You've been warned.

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