Rumors that Kroger will no longer double manufacturers' coupons have been making their way around the Internet since the retailer made an announcement Friday on its Facebook page. However, the change in policy only affects 123 Kroger stores in the Columbus, Ohio region. Michigan stores are not affected at this time.

Kroger discontinues double coupons in Ohio
Kroger, Facebook

While Kroger will continue to double coupons at its Michigan outlets, It will discontinue the practice in the Columbus, Ohio market beginning May 1st. Kroger tells the Columbus Dispatch that only 2% of its shoppers are what they consider heavy coupon users, and 86% of customers never use double coupons at all.

The retailer says it plans to lower prices on about 2,000 items, which will give more consumers an opportunity to save money. Michigan-based Meijer stopped doubling manufacturers' coupons in August of last year.

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