Rod and I were just talking yesterday how we are really tired of hearing about Brett Favre, but he made news again today.  Two massage therapists sued him and the Jets for firing them after they complained about inappropriate messages Favre was sending them. Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole say they were sexually harassed and are seeking unspecified damages.  Before these allegations, Favre was recently accused of sending inappropriate messages and pictures to Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger.  Of course he denies the allegations, but didn't Tiger Woods deny his behavior when we first heard of his problems?

Supposedly Brett has officially retired again so he wouldn't have to worry about these allegations affecting his game.  When news hit regarding Jenn Sterger, I remember his wife doing an interview saying her faith gets her through rough times.  She never said her husband didn't do anything wrong, but it seemed like she was doing damage control by being the stand by your man wife.  Should be interesting to see what happens with the latest lawsuit.

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