It's been a while, but professional soccer is coming back to Flint.

The Flint City Bucks unveiled a new logo along with the winner of their 'Name The Team' contest today.

According to a press release, more than 1,000 entries were submitted to name the team. Once the entries were narrowed down, With the help of director Mindy Prusa, the kids at the Whaley Children's Center picked a winner.

The winning submission came from Flint resident, Kayce McClure.

The logo is more than just a team crest. The Bucks' logo is steeped in Flint history.  Team President Costa Papista talked about the importance of keeping the history alive.

It was important for us to immerse our team into the history of Flint. Retaining a part of the club's former name was also important to preserve the connection to a team that has been the most successful franchise in the history of the USL Two.



The season starts on May 11th and home games will be played at Atwood Stadium.

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