The Flint City Bucks should be gearing up to defend their USL2 championship right now, but they'll have to wait until 2021.

USL officials made the announcement Thursday that the 2020 season would be cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This is a huge blow to the Bucks, who won the league championship in their first season in Flint last year. A statement from Bucks President, Costa Papista said:

Today, the USL has officially cancelled the 2020 regular season and playoff dates for League Two. This is disappointing but understandable given the current climate and the logistics involved in scheduling (84) clubs in a North American spring / summer league

The Bucks made their announcement on Twitter shortly afterward.

There is still hope that we'll be able to see some Flint City Bucks soccer in 2020. According to the letter from Bucks officials, there is a chance to salvage the 2020 exhibition schedule.

The Flint City Bucks remain determined and hopeful that we will be able to play a USL sanctioned exhibition schedule once it is deemed safe to do so. We are prepared to kick off anytime this summer, even late summer or fall with a celebration of last season’s success.

I am among the throngs of fans that hope we will be able to celebrate with the team this year. The Bucks took me by surprise with how fun the games were. I had never been to a pro soccer game until watching the Bucks, and now I can't wait to go back. The games were so much fun, and the fans were as big a part of the game as the players.

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Let's hope we can all get together at Atwood again this summer.


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