If you should happen to be in need of emergency CPR to save your life, you would have a lot better chance of surviving if you are a white male with an insurance card. If you are poor or a minority, your odds of getting that emergency CPR diminish quickly, according to new research.

In the study it was determined that people who were suffering from cardiac arrest were most likely to get help in affluent, mostly white neighborhoods. Where you live turns out to be a significant factor in how quickly you can receive help.

But location isn't the only reason some minorities don't get help.Figures in the study showed that more than 25% of minorities don't get CPR, even if they are in a location that would be considered low-risk.

The study concluded that poor, black neighborhoods were much less likely to receive CPR than their wealthy, white neighborhoods, to the tune of about 50% less.

Doesn't speak well for racism and poverty getting a fair break in our society, does it?


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