Nearly a year after a controversial billboard campaign was launched in Indiana, another round of signs is taking aim at Michigan's response to the coronavirus pandemic and Governor Gretchen Whitmer's handling of the economy.

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The new billboard has actually garnered a cease and desist order from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

The sign, which featured a picture of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, proclaimed her as "Indiana Chamber of Commerce Person of the Year 2020" implying that COVID-19 restrictions put in place in Michigan had driven business over the border into the Hoosier State.

However, the billboard is owned and operated by Steve Swick who is the owner of Swick Broadcasting Company. Indiana's Chamber of Commerce took issue with Swick's characterization of Whitmer as its "Person of the Year" and asked that it be removed.

“The Indiana Chamber of Commerce had nothing to do with this," chamber President Kevin Brinegar told the Detroit News. "Someone used our name to help garner attention. We are not in the business of attacking other states or individuals. We found this completely inappropriate and demanded it be taken down immediately.”

The campaign has since been changed to delete the reference to the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. The picture of the new billboard can be seen here.

Governor Whitmer's office was quick to note that Michigan has the lowest average rate of new COVID-19 cases in the Midwest and has distributed about a half-million more doses of coronavirus vaccines than Indiana.

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