"We can make a difference right where we are at. All we've got to do is love our babies enough, love our grandbabies enough, love our neighbors enough to want different."

Kintae Lark spent most of his childhood in homeless shelters with his mom, so he's well-versed with the struggle. When he was 12, he learned how to cut his own hair, which changed everything for him.

Now, he and his wife own their own salon, Inspiration School of Beauty Culture, in South Bend. This summer, he took his expertise to the streets. Literally.

He went out to offer haircuts for free in a particularly rough part of South Bend. He's also a youth pastor, and said that he's seen young people in his sanctuary that end up killing each other later. He wants to be a positive change in the community.

Also, ten percent of the proceeds from his hair school go straight back to the community.

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