In case it wasn't clear already, yes - something went wrong.

If you ever wondered how seriously I take my job, here it is - I know that our listeners have a lot of cool memories at the Pontiac Silverdome, and I felt like it was my duty, as a Michigander of four years, to pay my respects to the infamous stadium.

I left our house at 7 AM, grabbed a coffee and made my way down as the sun came up. I wasn't sure what kind of crowds to expect until I took the exit from 75 southbound to 59, where traffic was at a dead stop to get onto Opdyke Road.

Luckily, I managed to sit tight and made it to park after about 15 minutes. People were starting to pull off to the shoulder to park and run to the nearest vantage point (some of which, I thought, were a bit too close). It was cool to see families there, in their Lions gear, telling stories of the games, concerts and other events they had attended at the Silverdome.

There was no public countdown, so at 8:29 AM, we all started recording. The charges went off with enough force to knock us all back a step, even from the distance that we were standing.

As the smoke cleared, we waited. And waited. And then, the jokes started.

One little girl yelled, "Dad, it looks the same!"



So yes, nothing imploded. The company in charge of the implosion released a statement yesterday, explaining what happened. And if you're like me and wondering if there will be another attempt, we're all going to be let down - they're going to take it down with excavators.

Hulk Hogan had a suggestion, though, for taking the building down (a la the famous Wrestlemania that took place there in 1987):

Might not be a bad idea. Either way, I can say that I was there. For nothing.

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