I made the big decision today, and trust me it took me a few minutes to do so. I sat there on my bed, completely dressed for work, debating...do I go or do I call in.

Now I know most of you have had those mornings you wake up not feeling your best and make the decision to just push through with the work day. Whether you have a deadline or are out of PTO time, you make your way to work because you feel you need to be there.  Trust me, I feel you. Today though I felt different about going to work feeling sick.

Maybe it was the current situation and warnings bombarding my social media and television 24/7. Maybe it was the fact I wasn't feeling so great and had a low grade fever the night before. Most of it, honestly, was the fact that my co-workers didn't need to be exposed to whatever it was (and is) that I have.

They didn't need to end up sick as well, but more than that they didn't need to take it home to their families. I work with young parents who have little ones with immature immune systems. I have co-workers that may  end up sick without knowing it and pass it along when they spend the afternoon with their  elderly parents. My co-workers did not need to be exposed to whatever I had and I needed to respect that.

Here's the deal. This is not only ABOUT YOU. This is about those around you. Being proactive not only protects you, but those you encounter. It's been said that a person can carry a illness without symptoms and pass it along to those more susceptible, something I completely relate to.

I have an auto immune disease that leaves  me basically, well, without any immune system. I am pretty much a sponge soaking up whatever crud seems to be lurking out there.  I am also in the "older age" category of 55. So as you see, there is some merit to being proactive in how we handle the current situation.

Hype? Maybe...maybe not. People are getting sick. It's a fact. We need to make hard decisions for not only ourselves, but for others. Wash your hands, cover you mouth....you know the drill. More important....STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK. Even if you think you can make it through the day, stay home if you are having even the slightest symptoms. Again, this is bigger than you.

As for me, well, I saw the doctor today. They had me use the back door to their office and greeted me with a mask. Fever, swollen glands, and breathing issues. I have a flu like virus. Not THE virus, but a virus just the same. I have started on anti-viral meds, and breathing treatments. I am contagious while I have a low grade fever and until I go 24 hours without one.  I made the right decision today.  I made the right one not only for me, but for those around me.

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