We shouldn't have to thank people for being civil, should we? 

Every time I post something for sale online, I know that it's gonna be a headache. But every time, I think, "Maybe humanity will surprise me this time."

It almost never does. Some of my past experiences include:

*being scammed for a money order for a dance costume (I didn't fall for it, but they tried)

*accused of being a "scam artist" myself for selling a couch that the person broke while trying to get it into their apartment

*being offered a quarter for a coffee table, because "that's all it's worth, IMO."

*being told by a person that he won't offer us any money, but we can "flip for it" over a television set

...and many, MANY more.

I sold my Himalayan salt lamp on a buy/sell/trade Facebook site last week. I thought it would help with my asthma - it didn't. So, after a week, I sold it for $5 less than the purchase price. I even delivered it to the person's house. Afterwards, I found myself thanking her for being...a decent human being.

She was prompt with her responses, she didn't try to talk me down, she was nice when we met in person and even thanked me afterwards. 

After this glowing experience, I decided to sell a few more things online - a bed frame, a blender that's never left the box and a bike that's never been ridden. Of course, I overestimated the kindness of the universe - I've already been heckled over the price of the bike, and here's the email I got last night about the bed:

via Pat & AJ

Needless to say, I'll be having a yard sale in the spring...and staying off the online selling sites for a while. Be nice, it doesn't cost anything.

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